Updated website for The Guitar School

The website for The Guitar School has been updated. The design is now responsive for smartphones and tablets using the Bootstrap framework. This means the layout of web pages adjusts dynamically, taking into account the screen size of the device used (desktop, tablet, smartphone). The website is developed in ASP.NET version 4.5 and is hosted on the Microsoft…Read more Updated website for The Guitar School

School Archive

School Archive is a student management system for music and art schools. Art schools have to deal with information about admissions, students, subjects, attendance, timetables, evaluation, classrooms, teachers, guardians and fees. School Archive facilitates daily administration and enables overview of wide range of school information. School Archive is specially designed for music schools but the system can also be…Read more School Archive

The Guitar School

The Guitar Scool – Iceland is a website that offers over 3000 pages of free sheet music for the classical guitar by Eythor Thorlaksson and Sveinn Eythorsson in PDF format. The website is in english, spanish and icelandic The music was was produced with the software notation program HB Music Engraver Today’s guitar piece  offers a new…Read more The Guitar School

Sveinn Eythorsson

I was born 17. february 1964 in Hafnarfjörður Iceland.  My father Eythor Thorlaksson started teaching me to play the classical guitar when I was 6 years old. 17 years old I went to Spain to learn music in the Conservatorio Isaac Albeniz in Girona and I finished a Guitar Professor diploma from there in 1986. I…Read more Sveinn Eythorsson

As Time Goes By

“As Time Goes By” is a song written by Herman Hupfeld in 1931. It became most famous in 1942 when it was sung by the character Sam (Dooley Wilson) in the movie Casablanca. The arrangement for guitar is by my dad Eythor Thorlaksson. Click here to download the sheet music.