Sveinn Eythorsson
Web Developer & Classical Guitarist


I was born 17. february 1964 in Hafnarfjörður Iceland.  My father Eythor Thorlaksson started teaching me to play the classical guitar when I was 6 years old.

17 years old I went to Spain to learn music in the Conservatorio Isaac Albeniz in Girona and I finished a Guitar Professor diploma from there in 1986. I had private lessons with F. Garrido in Barcelona and have attended several master classes with Oscar Caceres, David Russel and Manuel Barrueco. Worked as a guitar teacher for many years in Iceland.

From the year 1989 I have been developing the School Archive system for art schools. The system is used by over 30 music schools in Iceland and Denmark.

I finished a B.Sc in Information System in Högskolan i Skövde, Sweden in 1999 and have since then worked as System Developer in Iceland.




The Guitar School
sheet music for guitar


The Guitar Scool - Iceland is a website that offers over 3200 pages of sheet music for the classical guitar by Eythor Thorlaksson and Sveinn Eythorsson in PDF format.

The website is developed in the free and open source framework ASP.NET Core version 1.0 and is hosted on the Microsoft Azure website platform for cloud computing.

The design of the website is responsive for smartphones and tablets using the Bootstrap framework. This means the layout of web pages adjusts dynamically, taking into account the screen size of the device used (desktop, tablet, smartphone).

School Archive
student management system for music schools


School Archive is a student management system for music and art schools. School Archive is specially designed for music schools but the system can also be used by other types of art schools.

School Archive is used by 30 different music schools in Iceland and 1 school in Denmark. The system is web based and works best on desktop computers but can also be used by teachers on tablets and smartphones. School Archive is suitable for art schools whether small or large for effective student management.


The following functions are available online


The data is protected with Transport Layer Security. Daily backup is made of the database. Access to the daily backup is provided that can be used for testing and training. Passwords are protected with a cryptographic hash function in such a way that the real passwords can not be revealed.


The system is developed with technology from Microsoft. The web module is written in ASP.NET 4.6 from Microsoft with Microsoft Visual Studio. The database is Microsoft SQL Server. Reports are written in Reporting Services for Microsoft SQL Server.


Sveinn Eythorsson
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